The Senior Geek


The primary tool is the YouTube channel. This channel presents information & instructions to my fellow seniors. I believe that seniors are tech-adverse because most of the 'help' is too hard to follow. A contributing factor is their 'help desk' (kids, grand kids, friends & other relatives) is not trained to support seniors. And seniors do not like to ask question. Too many times they simply stop using a computer when something breaks. This channel seeks to make seniors more comfortable with tech by presenting information in detail, assuming the student has little tech knowledge.

The following sections describe the major playlists of the YouTube channel. I also encourage to explore the YouTube playlists.

Are You Still Using Windows 7?

Microsoft support for Windows 7 will (or has) end(ed) on January 14, 2020. As described in the following YouTube videos, you should move to a new operating system.

Backup Your Important Files

I know backups are no fun, but they are very important. Backups of your important files are mandatory if you are going to convert your Windows 7 computer. (Your important files are usually found in the documents folder.) I recommend two backups. The first is a cloud backup. Because you are using Windows 7, Microsoft’s OneDrive is a good choice. You can save your important files in OneDrive from your windows 7 computer. Another good option (especially if you are going to a Chromebook) is Google Drive. In addition to the cloud, you should copy all your important files to a USB drive. Now you have two copies – one in the cloud and another local copy. You won’t have to be concerned about a ‘disc crash’ again.


Unless you have a need for ‘desktop’ programs like Photoshop, a Chromebook may be your best solution. You have two ways to get a Chromebook. The first is to purchase a new Chromebook. They don’t have to be expensive and you should be able to find a good one for less than $250. Just make sure they have a good return policy.

Another option is converting your Windows 7 computer to a Chromebook. As described in the following YouTube videos, this may be accomplished at little (under $10) or no cost. You will have a computer that is much easier to use and update. The update employees a free program CloudReady. You will need to download the software, make an installation USB, boot from the USB and install the operating system.